PlayStation Vita: Years Two and Three *Preorder*

PlayStation Vita: Years Two and Three *Preorder*


*This is a preorder item expected to ship in September 2019.*

The second in a series of three books that will cover the entire history of the Vita’s life. The first book covered the highs and lows of the Vita’s launch and first year on the market, while this one will cover the second and third years. Sony is often accused of poorly handling the system, but 2013 and 2014 saw them attempt to claw back success after a slow first year for the Vita with the release of new hardware and services. The book will cover the big events for the Vita during that period, it includes retrospectives on some of the biggest games launched over those years and showcase PS One and PSP games playable on the Vita. Also featuring an in depth interview with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller.

Page count: 124 pages

Size: A5

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