PlayStation Vita: Year One DELUXE EDITION

PlayStation Vita: Year One DELUXE EDITION


The Deluxe Edition of PlayStation Vita: Year One includes all the content of the standard book but with an additional 80 pages featuring the complete interviews for Escape Plan, LittleBigPlanet and Frobisher Says, an additional interview with the Director of Wipeout 2048, seven additional game retrospectives and added concept art.

PlayStation Vita: Year One Description:

The PlayStation Vita was labelled a failure within weeks of its launch, and there were many reasons for this. Even before it was released, the gaming media’s expectation was doom and gloom for Sony’s second handheld system.

The predictions turned out to be correct, but there wasn’t just one reason for the Vita failing to set the gaming world on fire. In this book, you will learn the story of the system’s launch and first year, told from a historical perspective.

Also inside are in-depth retrospectives of some of the games that had the biggest impact – positive and negative – as well as interviews with developers offering fascinating insight into making games for the Vita.

Pages: 184

Size: A5

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